The very new Museum Art Ludique – Museum of Fashion and Design is located in Paris Docks in 13th district and was open in 2013. As described on the website ‘Art Ludique has become a bridge between contemporary art and the general public..’. Southeast Paris Docks offer a wonderful location and impressive space (1 200 square metres) to host thousands of visitors every year. Museum was conceived and designed by Jean-Jacques Launier and now is run by his wife Diane Launier. In 2003 they founded the Parisian art gallery Arludik, ‘the first art gallery in the world to show and sell original drawings from comics, videogames, mangas, animated films and live action movies’. Since the opening time the place has been hosted a few very imported exhibitions: ‘Pixar, 25 years of animation’, ‘Art of the Marvel Super Heroes’, ‘Studio Ghibli Layout Designs’ andAardman, Art takes shape’.

Museum Art Ludique is a new address on the Paris map, which is worth a visit.

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