Wonderful Sunday:) I had a great pleasure to spend last Sunday with my friends Indira and Subhas. They were so kind and organised a day trip to show me Eklingji Temple and Shri Nathji Temple. Unfortunately in both temples photography is strictly prohibited – great pity because these places are really beautiful…
Eklingji Temple Complex (108 temples) is only 22km north from Udaipur. It is one of the most famous temples of Rajasthan, dedicated to the Lord Shiva. Complex attracts lots of pilgrims and tourists. The first temple was build in 8th century.
The temple holds four-faced black marble idol of Eklingji (incarnation of Lord Shiva)- the deity of the Mewar royal family.
The area is famous with Rajasthani Mirchi Vada – peppers stuffed with potatoes, onion, green chilli , coriander….quite spicy but very tasty.
From Eklingji we went to Nathdwara (48km north from Udaipur) to visit Shri Nathji Temple – the holy place devoted to Lord Krishna. The black-stoned Shri Nathji image is housed in the temple. The deity is treated like a living child, attendants waking it up in the early morning, washing it, dressing it, offering meals…all in strictly specific time.
We end our day having a delicious meal in South Indian Restaurant – idli, dosa and uthappam – all incredibly yummy:) I was very lucky to had a chance and spend this day with incredible people – I do not remember the last time I laughed so much and had so good conversation… I am grateful.



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Mirchi Vada – very yummy:)