Now is a wedding time in Rajasthan (probably in the whole India:)) and it will continue until Holi Festival (this year 5-6 March). Wedding celebration and rituals usually last 5-7 days. As my Indian friends told me wedding is not between two people but brings together two families, which seems to be very true when you look on the number of the guests – average wedding is for 700-1000 people. Most marriages in India are still arranged with a few exceptions in an urban areas of the country. There is no single standard for Hindu marriage ceremony but a lot of variations based on local and family tradition. The main ceremony is preceded by smaller, more intimate events related to their religion. On the day before ceremony there is usually women reception with the food, drinks and dancing (see photos below). However Indian weddings can be very different there will be few key rituals in all of them:                                                                                                                                                             Kanyadaan- when Father gives her daughter to the groom’s family.

Panigrahana – when the groom takes the bride’s hand as a sign of their union.

Saptapadi – when bride and groom 7 times surround the fire and make 7 vows.